Verbatim 1080p Full HD Webcam

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Black/Silver FHD 1920×1080


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Verbatim 1080p Full HD Webcam – Black/Silver

• The 1080p Full HD resolution of this webcam gives you high-quality video that works with all the major platforms for video conferencing and streaming.
• Automatic low light correction gives you peace of mind that if the light in your room changes, the webcam will automatically correct to ensure that you are clearly visible at all times.
• The plug-and-play functionality through the USB port makes this webcam simple to use.

Verbatim’s 1080p Full HD Webcam is the perfect companion for your computer. Whether you are using it for that important meeting or live-streaming your gameplay, this webcam gives you a high-quality video in Full HD. The inbuilt microphone means you don’t have to worry about a secondary microphone to make yourself heard. Compatible with all video conferencing apps and popular platforms, this webcam will give you great quality video whatever you choose to use it for. With automatic low light correction, this webcam will detect lighting changes and adjust automatically to ensure that you can always be clearly seen. The easy plug and play functionality means that you simply plug the USB Connector into the port on your computer and the webcam will automatically be set up on your system.


• Censor type: 1/2.7″ CMOS image sensor, 2.0 Mega pixels for image.
• Video format: MJPEG/YUY2.
• MJPEG: 1920×1080@30fps, 1280×960@30fps,
1280×720@30fps, 800×600@30fps, 640×480@30fps, 320×240@30fps.
• YUV: 1920×1080@5fps, 1280×960@5fps, 1280×720@10fps, 800×600@10fps,
640×480@30fps, 320×240@30fps.
• Manual focus from 30 cm to in nity.
• Microphone: Built-in full directional high sensitivity low noise.
• Frequency spectrum: 300Hz – 8KHz.
• Audio sample rate: Monaural 16bit 8kHz 16kHz 44.1kHz.
• Compatible system: Windows XP, Windows 7 Windows 8, Windows 10, Android V5.0, or higher version OS,
MacOS 10.6 or above.
• USB interface: USB2.0.
• Operating temperature: -10°C – 45°C.

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