Antec GX202 ATX Case

$89.00 inc GST

2x White LED Fans, Mesh Air Intake


AUnique mesh pattern enhances air intake
Detachable front panel for better thermal performance
Inbuilt 2 white LED fans, plain, yet fascinating
Fully transparent side window for showing your gaming style
Convex side panel makes cable management easier


Supports up to 8 storage drives:
1 x 5.25” ODD,
4 x 2.5” SSD
3 x 3.5” HDD (compatible with 2.5” SSD)

Graphic card support: up to 375 mm
Max CPU height: up to 160 mm
Max PSU height: up to 200 mm
Easy to Build with, and Easier to Cool
Supports up to 240 mm liquid cooling radiator in front.
Front: 120mm x 2 (Inbuilt White LED Fans) ≤ 240mm Radiator

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*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.