Corsair USB 2.0 16GB Flash Drive Voyager

$25.00 inc GST

Durable rubber housing, Water resistant

Corsair USB 2.0 16GB Flash Drive Voyager


Corsair USB 2.0 16Gb Flash Drive Voyager, Durable rubber housing, Water resistant, Shock proof, Key-ring compatible (Black/Blue)

USB 2.0 Flash Voyager drives are an economical solution for durable, water-resistant data transport when you don’t need the additional speed of USB 3.0. They work with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with no driver installation necessary, and they’re backed by renowned Corsair service and support.
Durable rubber housing
Water resistant
Shock proof
USB 2.0, with USB 1.1 backward compatibility
Plug-n-Play compatible


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